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The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
University College London
London, UK

Dr Catalina Spataru is a Professor in Global Energy and Resources, The Head and Scientific Director of Islands Research Laboratory at UCL. Her expertise range from theoretical investigations to implementation research and practice in energy, environment, resource nexus, risk assessment, people behaviour and response. She published over 100 papers and has written or edited 5 books on energy and resources, delivered several talks, interviewed for media. As the Head of Islands Laboratory she coordinates a team of 11 researchers who studies innovative solutions for islands towards a circular economy and assess trade-offs between resource use under different climatic conditions. She participated to the drafting of the EU Legislative framework for Safety and Resilience, contributed to decision makers for energy and resource use through use of scenario analysis and policy studies in Europe, West Africa, Asia, South America. She has been serving as a chair and co-chair of several international conferences and has served as Program Committee for several conferences.

Catalina Spataru

Principal Investigator (PI) and Consortium Lead

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