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Our team is growing

4 Oct 2020

I am very happy to announce that two new members just joined my team as Research Fellows: Priscila Carvalho and Victor Ponce Lopez.

Victor is a computer scientist who holds a PhD in machine learning and computer vision. His main contributions to the scientific community and expertise are transversal and multidisciplinary. His research focuses on recognizing patterns from multimodal data and has been applied in several domains and AI real-world problems - such as in affective computing, e-health, or Earth sciences. He boosts deep learning and evolutionary computation to steer novel approaches for the benefit of society.

Priscila is a lawyer and environmental scientist. After finishing her Master’s degree under UCL Laws in 2013, she pursued an interdisciplinary PhD at the UCL on the water-energy nexus with a focus on justice, regulation and co-governance of resources in Brazil. Her previous experience includes legal consultancy on regulated sectors and environmental law, justice, equity and interdisciplinary research on water-energy nexus and more recent energy markets and low carbon technologies.

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